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11 Nissan: Celebrating the Rebbe’s birthday

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These photos were taken during the chassidic gathering – farbrengen – on Nissan 11, 5737, while the Rebbe was being given a present – his portrait.

Starting from the year 5731, the Rebbe held a farbrengen every year on his birthday (Nisan 11). Chassidim continue and expand this tradition: each year on the 11 of Nisan, chassidic gatherings in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday are held all over the world.

Mazal Tov!

From the Rebbe’s explanations:

– The soul of every Chassid and the person bonded with the Rebbe (‘mekushar’) is actually a part of this ‘general’ soul – the soul of the “tzaddik” (a perfect, a righteous person).

As explained in the “Tanya” (chapter 2), all Bnei Yisrael can be likened to a single body, whereas the soul of the tzaddik is compared to the head.

Every faculty and limb of the body gets its life force from the soul, but the soul’s principal dwelling is in the brain of the head. It is from there that the life force and vitality extend to all the limbs, [supporting them and giving them everything they need] – in accordance with the function of each of them.

The same applies to the inner connection which exists between a Chassid and the Rebbe. Since the head is healthy and strong, it contains enough vital power for all organs in the body.

In order for the organs of the body to be healthy, it is necessary that their connection with the head be complete. That is, the blood vessels and the nerves connecting the head and the organs of the body should be ready (to receive and transmit the vital force of the soul). This way the life force will extend into each organ – and exactly in the required measure.Such is, is in general, the idea of ​​a connection (in Hebrew – “hitkashrut”) between a Chassid and the Rebbe, whereby the Chassid receives every influence he needs in a material and spiritual sense. (“Igrot Kodesh”, volume 3, letter 745)

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