Can just one week encompass a whole year?

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“The Shabbat of chapter “Noach” is a Shabbat of general importance. For it is the first Shabbat after the six days of work following the previous Shabbat of “Breishit”, which concludes the month of Tishrey. It is in this week that the Jews begin their service within the context of real-world, mundane activities (from the Rebbe’s talk on the 4th Day of MarCheshvan, 5752).

The chapter “Breishit”, describing the Creation of the world, is the first chapter in the Torah. It’s read at the conclusion of the month of Tishrey and at the opening of the new year. Reading this chapter marks the time of transition: from the month full of festivals and special days – to everyday life.

The week of “Breishit” represents the “Creation” of the world. The week of chapter “Noach” is the time to “fill the earth and subdue it”:

The Zohar states that all the days of the following week are blessed from Shabbat. Thus Shabbat “Breishit” represents the blessing for the first week of ordinary mundane activity in the new year. Shabbat Parshat “Noach” represents the conclusion of this week, the day which infuses rest and perfection into this service. Thus Shabbat”Breishit” can be considered as the source of potential, while on Shabbat Parshas Noach we see how this potential is brought into actual expression …

Excerpted from the Rebbe’s talk on the 4th Day of MarCheshvan, 5752. This week: listen to installments from this talk in “The Rebbe’s Talks” podcast on the main screen of the R4 app.

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