From the day I went to cheder and even before, the picture of the final Redemption started forming in my mind — the Redemption of the Jewish nation from their last exile, a Redemption in such a way that through it will be understood the sufferings of exile, the decrees and the destruction. And as part of this bright future, and as part of this Geulah, there is “the nasi (the leader) who is King, not a prince of a tribe, but such a person that above him is only HaShem, His G-d” (“Horayot”, 11A). And all will be in a way that with a complete heart and full understanding it will be said on that day, 'Thank you, Hashem (G-d), for chastising me.'

From the Rebbe's correspondence with the President of Israel Yitzchak ben Tzvi (11 Nissan 5716)

The Rebbe: The Leader of the Future

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