30 Tishrei:

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan (Day 1): revelation of the hidden

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Our Sages associate the Davidic dynasty with the moon, noting the Shlomo was the fifteenth generation after Avraham just as after fifteen days the moon shines fully. Since Mashiach will be “a descendant of David and Shlomo,” can we compare the renewal of the Jewish people in the Era of the Geulah to the restoration of the full moon?


The Rebbe’s answer might surprise you:

– The full shining of the moon on the fifteenth of the month reflects a level of perfection in regard to its power of revelation. However, the essence of the moon, its very being, is reflected in its rebirth in the beginning of the month [but not in the state of the full moon].


Every month at the end of the lunar cycle, the moon ceases to be visible in the sky. You can call it a concealment, but here’s a paradox: the disappearance of the moon at the end of the lunar cycle is the key condition for its renewal in the new month! As the moon shines again on Rosh Chodesh (when it seems that it is no longer there) – so is Israel reborn time and again. In addition, it is at this moment of concealment that the moon is closest to the source of its light – the sun.

The Rebbe’s explanation:

– Since the time of Geulah relates to the essence of the Jewish people, it is symbolized by the rebirth of the moon. The uniqueness of Geulah, is that in that age, the essence will come into revelation; the essential qualities of the Jewish people will be openly apparent. Our essential bond with G‑d will permeate every aspect of our conscious functioning, to the extent that it is reflected in our thought, speech, and deed.

Based on the Rebbe’s talk on chapter Toldot (5752).  Every day you can listen to the Rebbe’s talks in the podcast “Dvar Malchut” on the main screen of the app. 

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