22 Shevat: “Through you (בך), Israel will be blessed”

The Yahrzeit of the Rebbitzin Chayah Mushka Schneerson

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From the Rebbe’s explanations:

– Twenty-two (כב), in Hebrew numerology, relates to the verse, “Through you (בך), Israel will be blessed.” This verse indicates that “through you,” blessing will be drawn down to each and every Jew, generating positive activities which, in turn, will lead to further activities of blessing in a pattern which will continue endlessly…

What is the special blessing of the 22 of Shevat? 

Discover in the Rebbe’s talk on the eve of the 22nd of Shvat (5752) – the Yahrzeit of the Rebbitzin Chayah Mushka Schneerson, of blessed memory. 

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