Parshat Ki Teitzei: The Rebbe’s Questions

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It is rare to find two Torah portions whose names bear such a striking resemblance as “Ki Teitzei” (“When You Go Out”) and “Ki Tavo” (“When you come”). This Shabbat we’re going to read them both: “Ki Teitzei” – during the Shacharit, “Ki Tavo” – during the Minchah prayer.

Generally, the fact that two Torah portions are read on the same day indicates their inner connection. But this pairing is a bit puzzling. Are these two chapters really similar? Actually, they seem to be quite opposite – both in their names and in their contents!

How come these opposites meet?

The Rebbe answers these questions in his talk on the Torah portion of “Ki Tetzei” (5751) – streaming this week in the “The Rebbe’s Talks” podcast.

Happy listening and learning!

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