Today in the Book of Tehillim: Chapter 122 – a Hymn to Jerusalem, the City of Holiness

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Every year on the birthday of Rebetzin Chaya Mushkah, we start learning a new chapter in the Book of Tehillim. This year’s chapter is Perek 122.

It’s said that King David wrote this praise of Jerusalem in honour of Elkanah, the father of Shmuel haNavi. Every year Elkanah travelled to the Mishkan by a different route to attract as many people as possible. His joy inspired others and finally the whole nation joined this tradition. In the time of Beit haMikdash every man went up to Jerusalem.

This specific chapter was recited during the holiday of Sukkot, at Simchat Beit haShoeva, as hinted by the word “Samachti” – “I rejoiced”.

You can listen to this chapter and recite it together with the ‘chazzan’ in the podcast “Tehillim – Chapter 122” on the main screen of the app (the “Tehilim” section).

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