Rosh Chodesh for the month of Adar Alef: Day Two

Adar is the month of good fortune. The sages (Taanit 29a) say of Adar: "Its mazal [fortune] is strong."

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And similarly, it’s said (Taanit 29a): “When Adar enters, we should increase our joy.”

The Rebbe reveals:

– The greatest happiness that a Jew can possibly feel is his connection with G‑d. Even as he exists within the limitations of this material world, and furthermore, as he is in exile within this world, he is still “the only son” of G‑d, King of kings. When a Jew comprehends this concept, it brings him great joy. This joy, in turn, changes the manner in which he approaches his life within the context of his worldly existence.

For the nature of happiness is that it permeates through the entire scope of the person’s existence.

When a person is happy, he lives happily.

This happiness affects the way he conducts his life and all the people with whom he comes in contact. He shares happiness with those around him and his happiness brings him success in all matters.

… From “serving G‑d with joy,” we should proceed to spreading joy and happiness in the most literal sense, making efforts that the members of one’s household and similarly, all of those with whom one comes in contact, experience greater joy. And this will lead to the ultimate joy, the coming of the Redemption. May it take place in the immediate future.

From the Rebbe’s talk (Parashat Truma, 5752 (1992).

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