The week after ”Breishit”: day five and day six – preparation to Shabbat

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On the fifth day, G‑d filled the seas with fishes and water animals, and the skies – with birds of all kinds. On the sixth day, the world was inhabited by all other animals that walk, creep or crawl on the earth. Finally, G‑d put a divine soul into a body which He made of “dust from the ground”. This was the first man.

In the Ramban’s view, the description of the last two days of Creation contains an allusion to the growing power of nations and states in the fifths and the sixth millennia of history. These nations and states lay the foundation for the governance of the world, but they are not meant to reveal the true meaning or higher purpose of life.

During the Seven days of Creation, it’s the first man, Adam haRishon who acknowledges the existence of the Creator and reveals it to the world. In the historical perspective, this is the role of Mashiach.


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As we learn from the first Torah portion, the first man was created on the sixth day of Creation (after the world had been inhabited by the living creatures). As a parallel to this, the six millennium of history is the time for the coming of Mashiach.

[and then] the Goel will come, and it’s said about him: “… and his throne is like the sun before Me” (Tehillim, 89:37). And this is a descendant of King David, and it’s the man who is created “in the image of haShem” [as is said of Adam]… (from the Ramban’s commentary to “Breishit”, 2:3).

Today, after we passed “the midday” of the “sixth day of history”, the words of the Rebbe remind us about a very special task and merit of our generation. The work of the “days of Creation” and “the days of history” has been completed. It’s time to greet the Mashiach.

This objective is so timely and realistic, that the Rebbe stresses: the Mashiach can come at any moment – even right now:

“The concept of making a “just account” of one’s service [on the week of the “Noach” Torah portion] has a unique relevance in the present year. We are living in an era when, to borrow an expression from the Previous Rebbe, “the buttons are already polished” and all the service necessary to bring the Redemption has been completed.

Ultimately, then, the just account we make must lead to the conclusion that Mashiach must come immediately!”

From the Rebbe’s talk, chapter “Noach”, 5752.

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