24 Nissan:

the First Official Shabbat Celebrated in Marah (2448)

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Two days after the Jews crossed the Sea of Suph, they arrived in Marah. There they received several mitzvot. One of them was to observe the Shabbat:

“There HaShem gave them statutes and laws” – including the mitzvah of Shabbat (Exodus 15:25; Talmud, Sanhedrin 56b)

In fact, the Jewish people had observed Shabbat even in Mitzrayim (Egypt). The Midrash relates:

“Moses saw that they had no rest [in Mitzrayim], so he went to Pharaoh and said: ‘If one has a slave and he does not give him rest one day in the week, the slave will die. These are your slaves—if you do not give them one day a week, they will die.’ Said Pharaoh: ‘Go and do with them as you say.’ So Moses ordained for them the Shabbat day for rest.” (Shemot Rabbah 1:32)

However, this time, in Marah the Shabbat was given to the Jewish people as a mitzvah from HaShem.

The first such official Shabbat was observed on the 24th of Nissan.

This year (5783) the upcoming Shabbat also falls on the 24th of Nissan.

Happy Preparations and Shabbat Shalom!

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