17 Elul: The Rebbe’s Talk during the Groundbreaking at 770

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– Whether it’s a “material” endeavour (beneficial to the body) or a spiritual endeavour  (beneficial to the soul), the foundation of this building or project should be associated with kedusha – holiness, and moreover – with the Holy of Holies…” (abridged from The Rebbe’s Talk during the Groundbreaking at 770, year 5748)

In a kuntres released in connection to the expansion of 770, the Rebbe speaks about the virtues of 770 being the Beis Rabbeinu Sheb’Bavel, the temporary place of the Shechinah during the time of galus, and the place of initial revelation of the third Beis HaMikdash.


About the event: in response to the Rebbe’s call during Elul, 5748 to build, and purchase new facilities and enlarge already existing Jewish institutions, members of Agudas Chasidei Chabad felt that the time was right to expand the buildings of 784-788 Eastern Parkway adjacent to 770, extending and renovating the Rebbe’s Shul. The full story: « A Chassidisher Derher » (Elul 5774).

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