What Does The Name ”Aharon” Mean?

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The Rebbe reveals:

– This concept of all-encompassing love is reflected in the central letters of Aharon’s name – “hey” and “reish”. They form the word “har” (הר) which means “mountain”. In Kabbalah and chassidic teachings it is frequently used as a metaphor for love.

Hence we can understand why Aharon passed away on “har ha-har” (הר ההר), literally, “a mountain of a mountain”. This double portion of love characterized the nature of his service.

The first letter “Alef” (which is followed by the word “har”) relates to the word “peleh” (פלא). (Indeed, if in Hebrew you read the name « alef » in a reverse order – you will see the word “peleh”!).

The word “peleh” means “wonder”. Such is Aharon’s love – wondrous and unbounded in nature, descending into this world from the loftiest source.

A hint to the greatness of this love can also be seen in the order of the letters that make up the name of Aharon:

• The first two letters – “alef” and “hey” (אה) are the first letters of the word “ahavah” – “love.”

• The third letter is “reish” (ר) stands for the word “rabbah”, meaning “great”. It points to the fact that the love of Aharon was great and unbounded.

• The final letter of Aharon’s name – the “ending nun” (ן) – has a very specific spelling: it protrudes below the line indicating how Aharon extended himself to all Jews, even those found “below the line.” This explains the nature of his behavior: since his love was so great and unbounded, it had the potential to extend to every single member of the Jewish people…

Find more in the Rebbe’s talk on the weekly Torah portion of “Mattot-Massei”, 5751 (1991).

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