The Rebbe‘s revolution: printing ”the whole of Chassidus”

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• The Rebbe Rayatz began periodically publishing his maamarim (chassidic essays) and sichot (talks) in a series of pamphlets, called ‘kuntreisim’. Previously, the Rabbeim had only given their maamarim to be hand-copied.

• The Rebbe Rayatz established the ‘Ha-Tomim’ periodical. Many letters and manuscripts of the Rabbeim were published there for the first time. The Rebbe (to whom The Rebbe Rayatz once referred as “my minister of intelligence”) was deeply involved in matters related to this magazine.

• The Rebbe Rayatz wrote thousands of letters, and he put the Rebbe in charge of organizing all his letters that were applicable to the public. Even when the Rebbe lived in a different location from his father-in-law, he was sent a copy of every letter of this kind. The Rebbe wrote an index of these letters, and began publishing them in various formats.

• The Rebbe Rayatz arrived in America on 9 Adar II 5700 (followed by the Rebbe on 28 Sivan 5701). The arrival of the center of Chassidus in this half of the globe, represented the culmination of the geula of Yud-Beis Tammuz. All matters of spreading the Torah rose to an entirely new level:

See more: “Wellsprings Unleashed. The Rebbe’s Revolution of Printing the Whole of Chassidus” (from “A Chassidisher Derher”).

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