The 7th day of Pesach: Remembering the Sea of Suf Splitting

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The Rebbe explains:

– There are two opinions regarding the nature of the bond established:

a) The Zohar’s conception, that the bond was established through the elevation of the lower realms;

b) The AriZal’s conception, that the bond was established through the revelation from above.

According to Chassidus, “these and these are the words of the living G‑d,” and both conceptions are true.

And in this way, the fusion is complete, a revelation from above (when the revelation is initiated from above, more transcendent levels are revealed) and an elevation from below (which allows the influence received to be internalized in a more complete manner).

Thus, we also have a parallel to the theme explained above, that the revelation which transcends the world will permeate the world itself.

From the Rebbe’s talk on the Acharon Shel Pesach, 5751 (1991).

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