5 Kislev: Remembering Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Eidels – MaHaRSHA

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Rabbi Samuel Adel’s is known by the name of MaHaRSHA -Morenu Harav Shmuel Adel’s (“Our Teacher Rabbi Samuel Adel’s”). His famous commentary on the Talmud goes by the same name – “Hidushei (“New Explanations by”) MaHaRSHA”.

This commentary has become so popular that it is printed in all standard editions of the Talmud. It is regarded as a “must” for everyone who is interested in understanding Talmud.

Rabbi Samuel was loved and respected by all not merely for his brilliance and extensive knowledge. He was very modest and did not at first disclose that he was the author of his commentaries. The door of his house was always open for those in need. It is said to have had the following inscription, taken from Job: “A stranger did not lodge outside; my doors I would open to the road.” (Job, 31:32).

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