Thirteen – 13:

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The Mishkan later served in the Land of Israel until the building of the permanent Beit Ha-Mikdash by Shlomo (in the year 2928).

The materials for the construction of the Mishkan included (Shemot, 25:3-8):

  1. gold,
  2. silver,
  3. and copper;
  4. blue, purple, and crimson wool;
  5. linen
  6. and goat hair;
  7. ram skins dyed red,
  8. tachash skins,
  9. and acacia wood;
  10. oil for lighting,
  11. spices for the anointing oil and for the incense;
  12. shoham stones
  13. and filling stones for the ephod and for the choshen.

The number of Torah portions, which are devoted to describing the construction of the ‘mishkan’ and the service of the Kohanim, is also equal to 13. The first of these chapters is ‘Terumah’, this week’s Torah portion.

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