25 Elul: the first day of Creation

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On the 6th day of creation, with the appearance of the first man and woman, the world attained the potential for the realization of its purpose. Rosh Hashanah is therefore the day from which the Jewish calendar begins to count the years of history:

Please, note: this visualization is based on the Hebrew calendar for years 5751-5752. Rosh HaShana for Hebrew Year 5783 also falls on the second and the third days of the week.


You can find more on this topic on the Rebbe’s talk on chapters Nitzavim-Vayelech and Rosh haShanah (5751-5752). This talk is currently featured in our daily « Dvar Malchut » podcast (on the main screen of the app).

To dig deeper into the mysteries of the Hebrew calendar, we invite you to take a look at this presentation, based on the Rebbe’s talk: https://dm.rabbi24.com/he/product/chapter-nitzavim-vayelech/

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