21 Elul:

the 82th anniversary of the Chanukas Habayis of 770, NY

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On this date in 5700 (1940), the Chanukas Habayis was held in the building at 770 Eastern Parkway, New York. In Hebrew, “770” is the numerical value of the words « House of Moshiach ». Later the Rebbe will reveal the deep symbolism of this number in his talks.

The building had been purchased by « Agudas Chassidei Chabad » on the 12 Av 5700. It was intended to house the living quarters, study and office, Yeshivah, and synagogue of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (the Rebbe Rayatz) and would ultimately become the Chabad Headquarters in New York.

In 5752 the Rebbe calls it “Beit Rabbeinu she BeBavel” – the Holy Temple in Transit.


Historical perspective:

On this same day, 21 Elul, exactly a year before the Chanukas Habayis, Rebbe Rayats left the city of Otvock. After the war had broken out in Europe in Elul 5699 (September 1939), Rebbe Rayats began his almost half-a-year long travel from Nazi-occupied Poland to the USA. The Rebbe would arrive in the US in the month of Adar, 5700.

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