16 Adar, 5709

The Rebbe Rayatz accepts US citizenship

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In 1949, Rabbi Schneersohn became a U.S. citizen, with his son-in-law Rabbi Menachem Mendel assisting to coordinate the event. Uniquely, the federal judge came to « 770 » to officiate at Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak’s citizenship proceedings, rather than the Rebbe travel to a courthouse for the proceedings.

The Rebbe Rayatz received the delegation in silk attire wearing his shtreimel. The event was documented with a video camera and publicized in the American media. Remarkably, it was recorded on color motion film. The Rebbe, who stood by the side of Rebbe Rayatz throughout the ceremony, later said:

« The congress legislated a special law to enable my venerable father-in-law to receive US citizenship in his home, because if the ‘nasi (the ‘president of the generation’) needs something, special – laws are regulated for this purpose ». (Yeme Bereshit, Brooklyn 1993, p. 39)

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