7 Adar: The Birth of Moshe Rabbeinu

The Rebbe: “On a person’s birthday, “his mazal (source of influence) shines powerfully”

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Moshe Rabbeinu was born in Egypt on the 7th of Adar of the year 2368 from creation. According to one of the opinions, that was a “leap year”, so Moshe Rabbeinu was born in the first Adar.

The Rebbe explains that the spiritual significance of this date is experienced through generations:

– On a person’s birthday, “his mazal (source of influence) shines powerfully.” If this concept applies to the birthday of any Jew, surely, it applies in regard to the birthday of a Nasi – Head of the Jewish people.

Nor is this relevant merely as an event of the past. Instead, each year, the positive influence associated with the seventh of Adar is increased, reaching a level immeasurably higher than in previous years.

The birthday of a Nasi affects every member of the Jewish people, for the Nasi is a source of influence through whom G‑d’s blessing are drawn down for the entire people.

The positive nature of this influence is further enhanced in the month of Adar, a month whose mazal is associated with health and strength… (based on the Rebbe’s talk on the night following 7th of Adar, 5752 / 1992)


Moshe Rabbeinu passed away on his 120th birthday – Adar 7, 2488, forty years after the Exodus from Egypt.

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