11 Kislev:

Shabbat Chatan of the Rebbe (5689)

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There is an ancient custom that a groom be called up to the Torah on the Shabbat before the wedding. In Yiddish this is called “Aufruf” which literally means “calling up” to the Torah.

Shabbat Chatan, which preceded the wedding of the Rebbe, was held in Riga, in the minyan of the Rebbe Rayatz. During the itvaadut, which followed the prayer, the Rebbe Rayats delivered one of his deepest chassidic discourses – “And all the sons…” (« וכל בניך למודי ה’ ורב שלום בניך »).

Later, the Rebbe used to say that a person’s wedding is one of the most central events in his life. Even more so is the wedding of a Jewish leader – “nasi”. It can not be considered a private event. In fact, in one way or another, it affects all the Jewish people.

The Chassidim apply these words primarily to the Rebbe himself.

The Rebbe’s wedding anniversary (14 Kislev) has become a landmark date in the Jewish calendar. Many Chassidim are getting ready to celebrate this date by organizing festive Chassidic meetings.

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